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Well, it’s usually free of cost but we do charge a very small amount to cover some transportation cost in case the venue is too far.

Now it’s not possible since we want to keep fotodaar.com community strictly genuine with real photos from real events BUT members can comment and interact with the posts freely.

It’s not possible at the moment but you can download any photos from fotodaar.com and share it manually to another social media.

You can contact us on info@fotodaar.com for this regard.

All the photos are the property of fotodaar.com and shouldn’t be used for any commercial usage fully or partially without written authorization from fotodaar.com management.

We basically cover all type of public events whether night events i.e. discos, bar and concerts or public festivals and parades, also the selected sports events. We don’t cover private parties i.e. birthdays, weddings or any closed party.

Sure, you can report the photo with the report function that on the right side of the page of the photo just above the right side of the comments space and we will evaluate the report and replay.

Yes, we can advertise products on fotodaar.com subjected to management approval.